Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wellness Check

Hubby visited his primary care physician this morning to consult on the hospital test from Tuesday which decreed that his larynx was simply old -- and not rising as it should.  The PCP (primary care physician) was not entirely satisfied so more tests ensue.  We don't when yet, but within the next two weeks.

The doctor looked at Hubby's banged up knees and swollen joints and "tut-tutted" but declared that nothing was broken or irretrievably damaged.  The visit was over an hour so Hubby returned home completely spent and is now in bed, napping once again.  He is letting me do all the driving -- so you know he's in a bad way. 

Hubby claims he can only sleep with the TV on -- and now, since he's sleeping all day, his nighttime sleep is very erratic -- meaning that TV blares all night long as well as all day.  It's beginning to seriously bug me -- I can barely stand to be in the same room with the machine.  I want to throw something through it -- or at least turn the sound down to mute.  Hubby, being slightly deaf, now has the sound up to nerve-grating decibels.  And the awful stuff he watches -- if it was made in the 1960's or '70's or maybe, like Walker, Texas Ranger, early '80's -- he watches it.  And the same old movies over and over -- Die Hard, Rambo, Rocky, anything John Wayne, and, a hundred times a hundred -- The Bourne Identity series.  Oh, God!  I'm sick of all of 'em, but especially Matt Damon as Bourne.

Yesterday I brought home a meat loaf dinner from Cheesecake Factory -- their portions are huge -- so Hubby had some meatloaf last night and today there was enough left over so I'm not having to cook.  Well, toast and tea with fresh melon for breakfast -- but lunch was merely as reheat of that lovely meatloaf with mashed potatoes.  At least food-wise, I've had it easy today.

I'm grateful that Hubby is in recovery mode -- I just wish that the recovery would move a little bit faster.  


Donna said...

I used to always go to sleep with the bedroom TV on, and I would set it to turn off in a half-hour. I doubt if I ever made it more than five minutes before I fell off. Now I listen to Internet radio and set it for a half-hour. Cliff is like you, he cannot sleep with noise going. If he comes to bed at the same time as me, I don't turn on my music. We put the captions on TV for Cliff, and he doesn't have to have the television so loud that way. Takes awhile to get used to captions, but they really do help.

Margaret said...

My husband LOVES the TV on and I don't, so I have to either go outside or go upstairs. However, I want to spend time with him. Such a dilemma. Glad that Hubby is recovering. Meatloaf is comfort food!!