Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Vanishing Poster

Just when I think I've finally decided to end this blog once and for all (because if you are only posting once a month -- or less -- you really aren't blogging!), I think about the 600+ previous posts that document the last eights years of my life and I just can't delete Milly's Muse.  All those posts about Hubby,the boys, employment, teaching, holidays with family and all of life's intervening events -- and I just can't let go.

So I made a new resolution.  These posts don't have to be long and I really can take pictures of my life -- I have two notebooks, a lap top, and a wonderful Canon camera, as well as the tower.  Like all the new phone applications I'm not all that quick at taking a decent shot, finding out where it's filed, editing it, and finally posting it -- but I CAN do this.  I can make posts out of pictures of my life and maybe that will teach me more about using the new media (which I seem to be resisting like crazy). 

Here's what has occupied me this week:

Funny how in this photo it doesn't look as bad as it has felt.  Saturday night I walked into the metal step stool that I have to use in the kitchen to retrieve objects from the kitchen cabinets that the crazy ladies who built this house put in at eight feet height.  The bruising goes right down the top of my foot (it's still green and very swollen) and covers the back side, too.  Walking has been quite problematic.  I missed water aerobics on Monday, went on Wednesday but had to hop around on one foot instead of really exercising.  I probably won't go on Friday.  The pain was been pretty incredible -- and that seems to make me very tired, so I take naps and then pain pills at night so I've slept a lot.

Oh, yes - Monday was our 36th wedding anniversary (41 years together).  Dear friends treated us on Sunday to a wonderful dinner of heaps of meat from here:

Jess and Jim's Steakhouse in Martin City
 And this is what we devoured:

Hubby had pork chops, I had steak and lobster tail, Nancy had prime rib, Debby and Lou each had steak!
Most of my informal posts are now on Facebook which I really enjoy.  Lots of my Paseo High School kids have become "friends" and it's fun to see how well they are doing.  I like the immediate feedback of the Facebook postings (however, I have no use for Twitter, yet) and feeling connected.  Here on the blog I just see that 40 people accessed this blog but only two left comments and I feel isolated.

Weather here in KC -- quite cool for the end of July.  School starts next week.  Gee, I'm pleased to be retired!  Here's to blogging tomorrow and meeting my newest resolution.