Sunday, August 28, 2011

I forgot to add . . . .

To the little pieces of pleasure I just wrote about, I wanted to add that I was wickedly pleased to be proven right one more time about the Kansas City School District.

I have to admit -- and it's really horrible of me -- that I felt so vindicated in my constant iteration that the Kansas City School District simply is UNfixable. John Covington has resigned after only spending two years here in KC. The media has been in a whirl. Charges have been levied. Blame has been cast. But it's at the wrong source and to the wrong people.

I don't care why the man resigned -- new job or not -- he DID resign and once again the KCMOSD cannot keep a superintendent.

All the hew and cry goes on about what actually happened -- and civic leaders claim the city still needs to find a superintendent that can think outside the box -- BUT no one in the city looks around at the local districts that actually are succeeding with inner-city kids (think KCK) and how they managed to do it.

What has KCK and Blue Springs and surrounding districts done that was smart? They've hired internal candidates that have dedicated years to the district they now manage. They understand the districts they lead because they have worked within them. They know the problems. They know the staff. They know the parents and they know they kids. They know what is possible to get done. They know the state requirements. They don't have to go to other cities to find competent executive staff -- they know which people have already dedicated their lives to the district -- and they reward that dedication.

What have we got in KC? A school board president with no job who has illegal contacts with district contractors. School board members who have taken the district for millions in federal court cases. Old KCMO teachers who have been part of the failing system for years. Pawns and dupes of the money men of KC. And finally a superintendent with no ties and no built in support or love for the area.

And we wonder why the KCMSD fails?

We've been doing this since 1970. 25 superintendents in 40 years. It's not going to change folks. Not until the prime players change. And they don't -- and we don't do away with 'em.

But you watch -- KCMO will hire an outsider yet again.

Some things just don't change -- and the KCMSD is one of them. And don't tell me that they can until we do away with the corruption we have allowed to take root here.

Throw the bastards out -- if you honestly do think the kids deserve a chance. I'm not at all sure that we do think that in Kansas City. These are just minority kids, after all. Educate 'em and you actually might be forced to hire them in your businesses. Or they might move into your neighborhood in Johnson County -- and live next door to you.

It's time for the state to take over. It's beyond time.


Donna said...

I'm glad to know your take on this. I just find it so sad that young people who have only one hope for a better life are having that hope denied them.

Donna said...

Oh, another thing. I would LOVE to link to this entry on Facebook, but I don't want to jeopardize your job. So I won't do it unless you give me the go-ahead. You can let me know here in your comment section or on Facebook.

Margaret said...

Very well-written and SO TRUE. It's not just the urban districts, it's ours too. I'm sure we'll look outside for a new supe and our central admin is already filled with people who have little/no attachment to my city or its schools. Their kids didn't go to school here, unlike past superintendents whose families grew up in our town. We are in the process of dumping some of our school board members though. That might help.