Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Last week Hubby and I did the optometrist. Both of us have cataracts but neither of us requires surgery -- yet. We did, however, need to get new prescriptions filled for new frames / lens so we could continue to see through our non-surgery-yet-eyeballs.

This week I've done both the physician and the dentist. Yesterday I met with my internist and got ALL the meds refilled. I'm now up to seven daily -- and honestly, I like all seven. My high blood pressure continues to be handled by the beta blocker -- but just barely. Stress has made both the wellness clinic and the internist look at me askance after taking the pressure reading. Celebrex is heavenly. You only need take it when the arthritis is really hurting -- and it doesn't affect the thinking or make you want to sleep. The gout medicine does make one want to sleep -- and I just learned I can't take it with the Celebrex -- but one only needs take it when the gout is flaring. The minute the gout stops, so do the pills. The other meds are just stuff to keep the body functioning and but nothing makes me feel bad or sad or loopy -- so it's all good.

Today, in the 109 degree heat, I ventured out to the new dentist. I finally decided it was time to move from the dental school -- and so I picked a dentist on the list for my insurance that was only a mile from my house. From his name I expected a middle aged white guy -- and white guy I got, but a young one with a sweet demeanor and a good dental assistant. All in all I was pleased with his technique -- especially since he didn't suggest any radical procedures, took the insurance without complaint -- and didn't charge me for the initial visit. Also he has really good office hours.

One of my goals this summer was to handle all my own medical issues and now that's been done. Guess I'm really for school for start on -- Thursday. Good grief! Thursday. Actually on Thursday I only have to attend a mentor luncheon. My principal assigned me the new SPED teacher on my floor -- she's new to the district but I googled her name and she looks to be pretty well grounded in all things educational, so I don't think I'll have to do much to mentor her. I get a small stipend for doing the mentoring -- about a thousand bucks but for that I have to attend a monthly meeting with the mentee and at least three dinners at the ed building. I'm not thrilled at the prospect but accepting the principal's appointment seemed politic so I reluctantly agree. Now all I've got to do is work up a positive attitude, something that, frankly, I really don't feel. Maybe if the weather will just cool down a little.


Donna said...

We'd all have better attitudes if this weather would cool!

Margaret said...

I won't mention our weather for the week, but you would be jealous. Somehow I forgot to make a few appts and before I knew it my doctor and eye schedule moved into the fall, like November. Ah, well. Glad to hear about the meds. Have you tried cherries for the gout?

Milly said...

Cherries? For gout? I know nothing about them .. . will do an internet search. M.