Friday, July 29, 2011

Catching up

Had lunch with two long-lost friends this week -- actually wanted to type "old" friends but I am older than they. Both were from my days working for the #3 Telecom Company, a job I thoroughly enjoyed.

Wednesday's lunch was with a manager at the company and we had worked in adjacent cubicles. Smart, funny -- and one of the few white men I actually do kind of like . . . probably because he doesn't try to be anything other than a true "white man." Though he's definitely the type who has always believed he was destined to "rule" -- he also is smart enough to know that other folks can ride along side him and he's very open minded about life's issues. I enjoyed working with him greatly -- and also enjoyed getting to know him on a personal level. Luckily for me, he persisted in the friendship, even long after I left the #3 Telecom and through his efforts we remained in touch.

I'm a horrible friend once I don't see folks regularly. I get home and I just veg out. I don't call, I don't write, and I make excuses not to leave my little den to meet and catch up. My intentions are always good -- but then old friends find I'm not communicating and often they give up on me. However, I have a couple of folks who persist -- and Robert has been one of those.

On Thursday I had lunch with my old boss at the #3. She's a woman I truly enjoy and respect -- and the best boss I ever had on both a personal and professional level. I learned so much from my years working for and with her. Smart as a whip, she never lorded her intelligence over her employees. She was a caring person, decent, honest, and very perceptive both in the business world and with her friends and co-workers. She now lives several states over from ours but when she comes in town to visit family, she tries her best to stay in touch with old friends. I appreciate her efforts enormously. She remembers birthdays and has in the past sent on little presents that she was sure I'd like. I wish that she still lived in town.

Thursday was also Hubby's and my 33 wedding anniversary -- 38 years together. I sent Hubby a note on Facebook -- so he remembered -- and got us a cake from the French bakers in town. It was too hot to celebrate more than that. Plus I think we gave each other new spectacles as our present. Even with insurance those glasses cost a fortune.


Margaret said...

Happy Anniversary--that's a LONG time!! (I'm only at 26, 31 years together) Glasses are expensive!!

Donna said...

"One of the few white men I actually do kind of like."
That cracked me up for some reason. Ha!
The best boss I ever had is a Facebook friend now.
I don't keep in touch with people very well, either. If it weren't for the Internet, I'd lose touch with most everybody!