Monday, July 04, 2011

Computer Ease

I love the convenience my Internet service provides. So many things are done more quickly and with less stress on my part. I used to hate bill paying -- writing the checks, balancing the checkbook, finding the envelops and addresses and stamps. Now I click and click and all I need do is remember passwords. I LOVE IT.

Finally, when the water company got on board, I have been able to pay every single one of my bills automatically. No wonder the post office is going broke.

And speaking of which, I just put a hold on my mail for the duration of our trip by going to:

and doing a search on "hold mail." A slick little form came up, I filled it in, and bingo! Even got a confirmation # that my mail for this address is now on hold. How easy was that? I used to have to stand in an interminable line just to turn in a form.

Since I now subscribe to the daily local paper through my Kindle, no need to put a hold on that delivery. Seems if I can get motivated to pack, we actually will be ready to leave town tomorrow morning. If only there was an application on the web that would coordinate the clothes and dog accoutrements and pack them neatly. Oh! and pick up and pay for the rental car. We always rent for long trips since we drive very, very, very old heaps that cost little to no money to purchase (only to upkeep). However, traveling in a big luxury car (we go Lincolns now that Cadillacs have become so small only sporty people fit in them) is a wonderful treat (all those toys to play with on the long highway straights).

PS -- I'm taking the Mac laptop but I doubt that I will have any Internet access at the beach house -- it's owned by a 89 year old gentleman who has never touched a computer in his life. This blog will lie fallow for the next two weeks. Hope you all have a grand 4th and a cool, breezy (and rain free -- we've got enough flooding in the Midwest) two weeks. See ya soon. Chesapeake Bay here we come! Yippee!!!!

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Donna said...

I can pay everything online except a couple of insurance payments, and I do.