Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Technology Installed

The title pretty much says it all. The TV has been connected to HD Dish satellite. Everything works. It only took three hours to get all installed.

We needed an HD satellite installed in the yard. Then the tech installed the HD receiver in the house and downloaded everything. But when I asked if any of my DVR recordings could be salvaged, he looked askance and said, "Oh. Did you want a DVR HD receiver?"

I went into my dance. No DVR, no Dish network. Take it all away. But the tech was young and sweet and said he had one in his truck and would contact "headquarters and get the new receiver installed pronto."

Of course, it wasn't pronto. I had to confirm with the home office. Then he actually didn't have a DVR HD receiver and had to go 15 miles away to get one. But eventually all was right in our TV world. And I got my dream of being able to record more than one show at a time.

The new TV is sweet. The newer DVR technology is exactly what I had been hoping for -- and instead of only 100 hours of DVR recordings, I can now save 350 hours. I'm still re-establishing all my timers but by weeks end things should be about back to normal.

We actually didn't need any connectors from the TV to Dish -- they provided everything for us (the $40 of cable can now go back to Sam's). My fees are going up by $6 a month -- and we're locked into Dish for another 24 months -- but I'm happy with the set-up and actually think the new technology is probably worth a tad more money. Hubby is happy with the new TV. We like the High Definition technology -- the picture really is a lot better and on the wide screen, the movie channels look really good. It's almost like being in a theater but we're laying around in bed with the dogs at our feet. We were stunned by pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Installation fees and new equipment fees were nil for Dish and the tech was friendly and helpful. He even stood around showing me all the bells and whistles on the new remote. All of which I have promptly forgotten.


Margaret said...

So glad that it's all worked out and you have your TV back! We take ours for granted and I'm worried that won't last too much longer. :(

Donna said...

DVR is the greatest thing to be invented since sliced bread!