Monday, July 18, 2011

Sticker Shock

We got home on Friday from our trip to the Northeast. The two things that shocked us the most:

1. The heat was incredible. Two years ago we could sit on the deck and enjoy the bay. This trip -- not at all. The beach house is big and the back part where our room was did not cool sufficiently to our frigid likes (everyone else in the house -- and yes, there were other people there which was rather a disappointment to us -- thought the house was chilly most of the time). Because of the heat we simply didn't get to do all the things we had planned.

2. Gas prices have more than doubled since our last trip. Hubby fills the tank so I don't get the sticker shock during the year, but I had saved the receipts from the last trip so I knew how much we spent on gas from two years ago. We more than doubled that cost. The entire trip, just for gas, cost us $590.70 -- now that's hefty! Two years ago we could fill the tank for around $25 (same car size). This year we had a couple of tanks that only cost $45 -- but if we had let the tank empty we never saw a bill under $55.

But we're home safe -- and the heat here is also incredible. It's just that our little house has a huge AC and we keep it set at around 76 on the high heat days -- so we're feeling a lot more comfortable than we did in Maryland. Sometimes the purpose of a vacation is to make one glad to get home.


Donna said...

I don't think keeping the AC around 76 is extreme. I think most people keep theirs cooler than that, although I don't.

Margaret said...

We aren't getting many days above 70 here and people are griping, but I'd much rather put on a sweatshirt than suffer from extreme heat.As you said, you can't even do much when it's that hot!! We don't have A/C, but if we did,I would set it at about that temp.Some of the stores around here(even when it's not that hot) have their A/C down at 50 degrees, I swear!