Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ladies Who Dine

Instead of a luncheon date, I met a dear friend from my days at the #3 Telephone Company for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Overland Park.  We met at five and finally forced our way from the table at 7:00 -- two hours of eating, laughing, and exchanging life stories.  I felt relaxed and happy.

I have loved Susan for the past 18 years -- but our paths crossed very infrequently since I left #3.  She is a director there, a power who has kept her job through many buy-outs and management changes -- which speaks to just how good she is at what she does.  Now that I'm retired we can meet much more frequently -- I'm hoping monthly.  We even talked about crafting together again -- and playing cards with each others families.

Our meal was sumptuous -- chicken for her, scampi for me.  Then apple crisp and lemon cake for dessert.  I brought back a huge pile of meatloaf for hubby, with fresh mashed potatoes and corn -- and then a container of strawberry short cake.  Everyone, including the boys who got a taste of the meatloaf and tatters, was delighted.

This retirement thing is really working out.  I'm turning into a social butterfly.  I have even made a date for next week, to have dinner with another teacher friend.  


Donna said...

It only gets better.

Margaret said...

Love the look and sound of the food--and the social life. Keep at it!!

snugpug said...

Yay for you :)