Sunday, June 24, 2012


Bill Maher expresses my deep felt political opinions every week.  His Opinions from Inside the Crystal Bubble about Washington Republicans are so spot-on. 

Certainly this little picture says how I feel about the Supreme Court and its allowing of untold millions to be donated to political campaigns because "corporations are people."  How can we think elections will be fair if the 1% of the population can dominate the media with their unlimited contributions? Actually, how can any court be supreme if a man like Clarence Thomas (who never says anything during any case being heard) sits on the bench? 

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Margaret said...

So true. People won't willingly give up their money, even for the common good. I've seen such an increase in self-centeredness and a total lack of caring or what it takes to make a society work. No taxes? Really--then how do teachers, fire fighters and the police get paid? Are these idiots anarchists or just clueless? Or both?