Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a Short Jaunt

We left home early Wednesday morning and arrived, via the old pink Lincoln Towncar, in Branson by 11:00 a.m.  We checked at the Music City La Quinta but our room wasn't ready yet, so we tooled around, looking at the the tornado damage still evident.  Branson really took a hit last year -- many motels are closed, some theaters are still badly damaged, and many buildings are just being bulldozed.  We found out at that, though undamaged, the largest of the retail malls, the Factory Outlet mall was completely abandoned.  My favorite stores were gone.

By 1:00 we had checked into our handicapped room, deposited the dogs (La Quinta takes pets with a friendly, free smile -- lots of animals stay there with their humans), and headed out for lunch.  We also did a little bit of shopping at the lunch buffet -- I bought several Schnauzer items for the house (outside of the house, actually).

Then Hubby needed a long, soothing, cool nap.  By 5 p.m. though we headed back out for more shopping.  The evening was cool and clear so the pups were able to go with us.  Hubby found the Bass Outlet at the Tangier's Mall and bought four pairs of shoes.  We had a great clerk who, once he realized Hubby was willing to buy anything that actually fit, made sure we had our fondest wishes met.  Hubby even walked out wearing his new shoes.  Then we found a dinner buffet down the strip but afterwards, Hubby was pretty worn out so we headed back to our motel for an early night.

The La Quinta room was very nice and so clean.  We loved the handicapped shower -- you could just walk in without stepping over a tub wall.  We could even sit in the shower if we chose.  With a king sized bed the doggies were able to stretch out in comfort, relegating their servants to the far corners of the bed -- just like in the queen-sized bed at home.

By 8 a.m. the next morning we were back on the strip, looking for the leather purse store and Chicago Cutlery.  We did a pit-stop at the Christmas store where I found a wonderful selection of jewelry and actually bought nine pieces -- three rings, three necklaces, two pins, and a pair of earrings.  Then Hubby managed to find where the leather purse store had moved -- their building had been completely destroyed during the tornado.  I got three very small purses to tide me over until the next Branson sojourn.  We did a housewares store and I got the cutting board I had wanted -- plus a couple of stocking stuffers for the Houston family.

Then Hubby pulled off a miracle and found the Chicago Cutlery store that had moved into, what for Branson, passes as the burbs -- and I found all the discounted candles the trunk would hold -- I actually bought 20 soy candles.  I also got my paring knife, a couple of "Red Cross" discounted knifes, and a 4-piece set of steak knives.

So we were headed back to KC by 11 a.m. with only one more stop for a Braums lunch and some gas. We love Braums -- the best ice cream ever -- three scoops for three bucks!  We got home to find the tree-trimming guy still at work on the house and the window replacement guy in the driveway waiting to take some more measurements.

All in the all, the trip was a great success.  Everything on our list was purchased -- and the only extra items were the nine pieces of jewelry I brought home (since I'm not working where will I wear the new finery???? -- but they were so sparkly and pretty!!!!).  The only store Hubby had managed was the Bass shoe store, but he had driven the entire trip with no respite. and frankly on Thursday it was way too hot to leave the boys in the car without the AC running.  

Monday we are going to the hospital for the GI series of tests and then we have more doctor rounds -- cardiologists, knee specialists, etc. -- but we've had a mini vacation and came home with toys for the house.  A change of pace is always good. 


snugpug said...

Isn't retirement grand! Good luck with the medical appointments.

Donna said...

I love entries like these!

Margaret said...

A perfect trip and great to hear about! Even in your blog you sound more relaxed. :)