Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

Today I met an acquaintance from school who had retired a year ago.  We decided on the local tavern which also serves pretty decent lunches.  She was the more lady-like, having iced tea and chopped salad for her meal, while I opted for the requisite diet Dr. Pepper and tenderloin sandwich.  The food was okay, filing, and not too expensive. 

The company was absolutely lovely, however,  and we sat for two and half hours, telling each other stories about our lives.  All we really knew going into the lunch was that we thought each, in her own right, was a good teacher, cared for our inner city children and liked musical theater.  She told me about meeting her second husband and moving to Kansas City from California and I laid out in great detail Hubby's current health woes.  

We had a good time together and decided this was something we would like to monthly.  The whole experience made me feel that I am settling into retirement quite nicely.  I am now a lady who lunches for hours as opposed to a school marm with only 20 minutes to wolf down a cold sandwich.  I could get used to this new life. 

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Donna said...

You go, lady!