Monday, June 04, 2012


We took the Dell Desktop PC in for an evaluation to our local tech shop. Graphics, printing, opening icons -- all had crawled to near non-functioning speed. We were told we wouldn't have an estimate on the damage for at least five days -- but based on our experience with them, it's probably going to be two weeks.

This forced us to move back to the lovely desktop MAC which is not prone to downloading viruses and continues to run with amazing speed -- probably because the e-mail program on it is so awful we choose to access email using the web instead of a mail program.  It's a shame, really, that we use the MAC so rarely.  If only we could find a good email system for it.  However, I'm sure once the Dell is back up and running properly, we will slowly switch over to using it almost exclusively -- mainly because Outlook is such a superior email program (filing, organizing folders, setting up different accounts, etc.). 

We are also now forced to make a decision about WIFI.  Earthlink is the problem we are told.  We have both had our email addresses for many years and folks recognize us from them -- but if Earthlink cannot and will not support WIFI then we will have to change.  Our tech convinced us that we could use a modem to continue to use DSL Earthlink as WIFI but we have been unable to make that function.  The tech did look at us sadly when we explained we were an "Earthlink" family -- "not really very good for WIFI, Ma'am.  They just don't have it." he responded. 

I'm gearing my loins for the conversation with Earthlink this week -- I have really liked their service but it may be necessary for us to change.  It won't be cable, that's for sure.  I think we've agreed that AT&T WIFI will be our best bet -- our neighbor works for AT&T (once Southwestern Bell) and he had gone WIFI as of a couple of years ago.  We watched in anticipation as the AT&T crew came and set up the neighborhood so his family could access wireless.   Now we know our inner city neighborhood supports AT&T so that will probably be our new provider.   Think of all those bill paying sites and passwords that will now have to change.  Bah. 

We have multiple WIFI machines around our house -- from Nook to WIFI printers.  All three computers are WIFI equipped.  Yes, I said three.  Hubby gave me a lovely HP notebook for my birthday -- it didn't arrive until June but I was happy to receive it.  If we are to continue to access the web and the printer, we now need WIFI access -- instead of having to switch cords around to access DSL, printers, etc.  And we can pull the newest readers out of storage and finally access them.  It's time we upgraded.  However, changing technology is hard on these old folks.  

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Margaret said...

We have a comcast cable modem (we bundle internet, phone and TV) plus a wireless router. It works slick and you won't regret doing the wireless. I love being able to access internet in the family room or wherever I decide to take my tablet.