Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

Retirement for me is G R E A T!  For Hubby, not so much.  Falling off the front porch a week ago Saturday has put him backward in every circumstance.  I'm dining out with friends, meeting ladies for lunch, cleaning when the mood strikes, reading Gone Girl and loving it, making updates to Facebook every day, whipping up big batches of delicious potato salad and cooking at least two meals a day . . . it's just an unending series of doing things I like and enjoy.  Meanwhile, Hubby lies in the bed and moans.  Yes, actually he's taken to whimpers of pain that can be heard throughout the house.  That and going to doctor appointments twice, sometimes three times, a week and taking handfulls of pills. 

We got the Dell PC set up after the 475 viruses were cleaned off it and I downloaded the recommended AVAST virus protector - and immediately came the screen of death and the PC would only load in safe mode.  The PC is back in the hardware hospital while they run tests to find out what's wrong with it now.  This time Hubby had the sense to let me carry the unit to the car -- it was carrying in the hard drive that caused him to fall off the front porch steps.  What amazed me -- the PC is bulky but not all that heavy.  I could carry it fairly easily, once I put on my new "walking shoes" that guarantee I have ankle support to go up and down the steps out front of the house (three steps -- that's all it is).  I have to admit I was shocked at the problems Hubby was having carrying something this light weight.  I think he was horrified to find I could lift the unit easily and just hop out the front door.  Life throws subtle warnings to you when it's time, I guess.  Anyway, we're back to using the MAC full time - with no printer and no decent address book -- but I've been updating the info on the MAC as it comes in through the awful MAIL program (that's what MAC email is called -- MAIL) and I've been forcing myself to use MAIL instead of the internet where it's impossible to download and file mail messages.

It's very hot here in KC with predictions of even hotter weather to come -- in the100's at the end of the week.  The AC is running a lot but we try to turn it off around midnight and go through the night without air.  This makes Hubby happy - he seems to be constantly cold right now.  He came down with some kind of bug over the weekend (vomiting and diarrhea but he's pretty much over it now) and was actually shivering.  I'm always hot.

The new knives from our Branson trip proved dangerous to my fingers when I decided to make a huge batch of potato salad yesterday (15 Yukon gold potatoes).  I sliced into my thumb while dicing potatoes.  I nicked my ring finger while chopping eggs.  While slicing green peppers, I did the most damage - I sliced right into the ball of my left index finger and then kept on going and sliced off the tip.  For a while there I thought that we were going to have to eat red potato salad -- I bled that much.  But finally I got it stopped and now, though sore, my fingers are healing nicely.  I'm dangerous around sharp knives. 

Tonight I meet a school friend for dinner at the local Brookside bar / grill.  I mentored her during her first year at Wyandotte and it will be fun to catch up on the doings of the young and energetic.  Also this week I get my first social security check.  We are waiting to hear about further GI tests for Hubby's throat.  I've got plans to start cleaning up the computer room any day now -- you know, I might have to wait until my fingers heal up.  Don't want to cause any permanent damage. 


Donna said...

It didn't take you long to get this retirement thing down pat now, did it? I love that you are enjoying and doing so many fun things.

Margaret said...

New knives always injure me, I love potato salad and sick husbands are the PITS. (mine is always cold too but that's because of chemo) You are doing the right thing by trying to maintain your own life!! Avast is what I use on my computers. :)