Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hiding in the Closet

The bathroom has been cleaned and "cleaned out" since last Saturday -- now it only requires weekly maintenance.  I even managed do that this week. I Swifter-ed that floor like crazy!  And enjoyed doing it!

But I still have the full sized linen closet to weed out and clean. 

Today I tackled only the bottom / floor level shelf in there.  I had 289 candles from the 1980's stored just on the floor level.  This is no joke.  There may actually be MORE than 289 candles -- because these aren't the "jar" candles but the ones that go in candlesticks - both tall and small.  Many of these candles have never been used -- several were put out but never burned so I just stored them back in the closet. 

I also had all kinds of electrical hair appliances in there -- multiple sets of curling irons, steam curlers, electric curlers.  Then there are the Halloween costume headpieces I had stored away -- angel halos, middle ages circlets and conical headpieces, devil horns (with the matching pitchfork). 

I kept the electric appliances just in case one day I decided to grow out my hair.  How dumb is that?  I love this short hair.  I'm never going to set this hair again.  All the curlers and curling irons are gone.

But when did I think I could use up 289 red, blue, and white candles?  Or purple, pink, and orange ones?  I just came home with 20 jars of candles from Branson!  Clearly I'm past the life that uses candlesticks on every table -- or for a candle lit dinner (on the dining table I no longer set).  What should I do with all these gorgeous, unused candles?  I can see the Houston crowd now opening package upon package of candles for their Christmas presents.  I don't think they would be pleased.  I think I must have a candle fetish that's I'm going to have to overcome during this retirement phase of my life. 

Finally, Halloween costumes?  Really?  How delusional have I been in the last 30 years?


Margaret said...

I have a candle issue too--but not that many of them since I've discovered Scentsy. :)

Donna said...

A candle hoarder???? I'm so ashamed for you. Haaaaa.