Monday, June 30, 2008

Bang! You're Dead

Our Earthlink modem died some kind of horrible death on Friday. For the woman with the bad, bad back this is N O T a happy prospect.

One hour and twenty minutes of me sitting in the desk chair that cause the initial back spasm and Earthlink finally determined I had a blown modem. Well, it lived six hard years here on my desk -- covered in dust and pencil shavings and dental floss. No wonder.

A new modem is being shipped by ground and we hope to receive it sometime this week. Until then minimal amounts of computing are being accomplished on the laptop Max OS X. Nice screen and all but lousy keyboard. And the operating system is not something I use with any great speed, even though I've had it since last June. The Mac is, however, WIFI so we do have some internet connection, though I'm not sure who I'm stealing bandwidth (or whatever wireless connectivity is now called) from, since my PC desktop is DSL.

The back is relatively better. I can walk. I made it to church on Sunday. I went to Sam's today and got three different kinds of meat to try and entice Fritzy into eating. He spent three days happily chowing down on rice and hamburger and then, nope, no way, no how, is he going to eat one more mouthful of it. Saturday I gave up and sent Hubby out for chicken nuggets and he absolutely loved them. Sunday we had barbecue from our favorite joint and I made him a nice bowl of beef tips and he turned up his nose until Hubby removed all the ham from his own plate and fed it to him -- and then he devoured every bite. At Sam's today I got him his own ham, some precooked chicken nuggets that only require warming up, and more hamburger -- hoping that a variety of things would keep him eating. He's very thin now but he still seems to have energy. He happily ate ham again this evening, sending poor Gus into spasms of misery because he only gets bowls of dog food.

This summer is certainly not turning out as well as I had hoped . . .

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