Friday, June 13, 2008

How We're Spending Our Vacation

A little pictorial essay in how we're enjoying easy summer living:

I'm grocery shopping . . . and washing dishes . . . and cleaning house.

Then I'm cooking up yummy recipes (mostly yummy, not always) in my fancy cookware.

Gussie sits all day, every day, in front of the new screen/ storm door.
This door was chosen just so he could sit and look out into the world he dreams of conquering.

Little Fritzy, suffering from the onset of kidney failure, spends a lot of every day sleeping and his favorite place has always been buried under the covers on our bed. We no longer make the bed because he tosses and turns and burrows until he has all the pillows thrown off and the sheets / blankets arranged just the way he likes 'em.

"Dang, Ma -- why'd you have to disrupt my nap?"
Fritzy on my birthday . . . you can see he hasn't been groomed for at least three weeks - and he's not feeling real chipper. However, nudging pillows and sheets around tend to send Schnauzer beards into disarray.

Hubby has been fixing the plumbing in our house. I haven't had a bath in three days now. You might want to stay downwind of us if we meet in the next six hours or so.

Interior image of our "new" car. We don't buy 'em "new" but this little dreamboat was a gift -- an honest to God gift -- from one Melissa to another Melissa. And I'm eternally grateful! Though a 1995 -- and a car that takes premium gasoline (half a tank cost us $50 last night!) -- the car only has 33,800 miles on it. That makes it new in our book. And toys! Oh! my! Sun roof, passenger and driver heating/cooling controls, heated leather seats, burl wood trim on the console, CD player, every type of engine read-out imaginable, a V8 engine so tons of power, four-doors. Pristine condition, loving cared for since purchase. And a gift that came just as Big Mo, our Lincoln began taking her last breaths. Now, if only gas prices would come down . . . this is a car I can actually drive.

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