Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Back

Last Monday while doing research for Tuesday's curriculum workshop, I sat for four hours in at my computer in my favorite, and very comfortable, computer chair. When I went to stand up, my back rebelled.

In the late 1980's I collapsed the last two vertebrae in my spine and have suffered a lot of back pain since. This pain wasn't as awful as that, but darned close.

I spent Tuesday in utter misery until I found the oxyocodone in the medicine cabinet -- left over from the gouty big toe. By Wednesday I was throwing up every meal but that was better than the back pain which had, by then spread down my right leg to my knee.

Friday I had the annual physical with the doctor to get all the meds renewed for the year and she thought I was having back spasms. She prescribed a lovely muscle relaxer that replaced the oxyocodone and at least allowed me to eat.

From Tuesday afternoon until today I have been in bed, trying my best not to move at all so that damn pain would not eat me alive. Today I'm finally marginally better. This sucks.

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