Friday, June 13, 2008

Worn Out

Big Mo, the 1993 Lincoln Town Car Hubby bought in October of 2005, is worn out. She's weary of pounding the pavement between one urban city and its state line neighbor, putting in at least 50 miles a day ferrying me to and from first the construction job and now the teaching position. Her seats, once pristine leather, are torn from eight dog paws and carrying the hefty bottoms of two aging adults. Her brakes are mushy. Her hoses are leaking. Her air conditioning has not worked in the past 12 months. Only three of her windows operate, even though their controls have been replaced repeatedly. She has given valiant service. She has never been demanding. She almost never stranded. But now she's let us know that she's tired and would like to consider retirement.

Big Mo was not my choice of cars. I loved the Caddies Hubby had purchased from 1995 on, each one a beauty even in their used-car status dotage. Plus caddies had lots and lots of toys inside, are big and roomy, and traditionally have lots of power. The first one, the 1988 Seville Hubby bought me in 1995, is my favorite car of all time. She lasted us eight wonderful years. Then came THE TANK -- the car from hell, who nearly single handedly caused me more trauma than anything in my life has ever done except my own family. Midnight, a lovely dark blue Caddy, only lasted from March until August, when she caught fire in our driveway and nearly turned the dogs, the house, and the garage into toast with her.

Using the insurance money, Hubby bought Big Mo, an ugly gray, nondescript Lincoln but with a good, kind heart. Big Mo has served us well. I have grown to care about her, if not love her. But now I no longer have the skill to keep her running. Hubby still can, but he is frank that she is on her last legs. "She might last another six months -- or only 24 hours." Yesterday, Hubby pulled her into the driveway with hot steam haloing around her hood.

The time has come to retire her. She has been a hard working lady. She more than earned her keep. She kept second little family afloat and mobile with great diligence these past two and a half years. She gave good return on her value. She has earned her rest but I am sad to see her departure from our lives.

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