Friday, July 04, 2008


Things to celebrate on this 4th of July, 2008:
  • Modem from Earthlink arrived yesterday, has been installed, and is working! We finally have connectivity!
  • Fritzy is hanging on. He's still eating poorly. He continues to have episodes where his legs just give out and he falls flat on his belly (all four legs just give out and he spread-eagles on the ground). He looks sad and he's become clingy, like he knows the time is limited now, BUT he's with us, he's loving us, and he still runs in the park every single day!
  • The new "used" car is running smoothly with lovely AC -- so driving around in our Aura is quite the pleasure. I can even drive it -- when I can pry it out of Hubby's hands.
  • I got a hair cut and feel much happier with the shag gone from my ears.
  • My back is better, not yet healed but considerably improved. The doc gave me a lovely renewable script for heavy duty muscle relaxers that help when I'm tired of the pain.
  • We are having a picnic supper of club sandwiches, Hubby's salad (whatever he chooses to make -- probably macaroni), fresh melon (crenshaw, honey dew, santa claus), Mount Rainer cherries, strawberries, and apple pie to celebrate the Fourth of July. A dear friend is joining us and we will sit around her gold fish pond an laugh and joke and tell stories.
Have a grand Independence Day!

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