Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summertime Lessons

Things are a bit slow around our house. We seem to be experiencing summertime indolence. We have not exactly become slothful, but we certainly fall into the lethargic category.

Hubby motivated me to purchase for HIM a round-trip ticket to D.C. to visit his sister -- whom he hasn't seen in over 50 years. She doesn't like doggies, so I'm staying home with the boys. Fritzy is unable to travel, anyway.

I have been working on some lesson plans for the fall, mostly because I need to submit them by July 21st. Without a deadline, who knows when I might have opened my word processing application.

Otherwise we mostly putter around, doing a little of this, seeing a movie here and there (Wall-E was charming to me and Hubby slept through it; Kung Fu Panda pleased us both), and trying to keep up with the wash. This has given me some time to reflect on the deep, meaningful, and pertinent knowledge that I've gained from my summer of leisure:

  1. Sometimes it's important to purchase new cookware. The stuff we have been using from the 1970's and '80's does not cook nearly as efficiently as the new stuff on the market now. I can get a full spaghetti pot of water boiling in less than five minutes. Who knew cookware had so improved?
  2. Laundry that sits in the basement for more than three weeks does not wash itself, darn it!
  3. More laundry trivia: the dryer heats up the house fiercely on hot days even when it is located in the far reaches of the basement; the new containers of laundry soap sold at the big box discount store are too heavy to lift; if the basement leaks during torrential rains the dirty clothes on the floor get dirtier and smellier.
  4. "Stumbling" on the web is an unending source of amusement. Witness:

    A teenager was stunned to find that a baby bat had been curled up inside her bra for five hours - as she was wearing it.

  5. Playing BigFishGames can also eat up enormous amounts of time and provide hours and hours of solitary entertainment (especially the hidden object games); these games are especially entertaining when one can't sleep.
  6. Melon seeds can clog up the sink even when one has a heavy duty garbage disposal.
  7. Eating the main meal at noon (or thereabouts) means one can have ice cream for supper.
  8. It's important to get up and celebrate a "feel good" moment with a terminally ill dog even when that moment occurs at 3 a.m. -- plus he might agree to eat some roast beef just because you've gotten it just for him, chopped it, and are hand feeding it.
  9. Reality TV shows are boring; I'm too old for the stuff shown in MTV and the WBC (except for Reaper, of course); and nearly all the CSI shows are too graphically violent for me.
  10. Procrastination is just too, too easy.
  11. Prices are just too, too high.
  12. The weather is too, too wet.
And finally -- the summer is just flying by. It was only June 15 minutes ago. Drat!


M said...

Happy Summer!

M said...

ps...on the really hot days have you thought about putting the clothes out on a clothesline instead of using the dryer? i love the clothesline but i don;t think i can use it in my neighborhood