Thursday, March 03, 2011


Updates lately are few and far between due to grad school and Hubby's on-going health problems but today the sun is going to shine and the temperatures are predicted to be above 60 and I didn't need a coat on the 5 a.m. on the drive into school. Because daylight savings time has not yet started, at 7 a.m. I can actually see out of the four huge windows that dominate a wall of my classroom. I'm thinking leaves on trees and green grass but, of course, it's still too early for that -- but in my mind I can picture it and I feel just a bit more at peace with the world. Also, last evening dear friends had Hubby and me over for a sweet and early dinner (they dine at 10 but in deference to us, we ate at 4:30 p.m. -- they called it breakfast) of things that Hubby is enjoying eating at the moment -- baked potatoes and several types of lovely fresh fruit. The day before the Italian old school gentlemen that teaches next door to me had delivered meat ball subs to me for Hubby and he thoroughly loved every bite.

But . . . and of course there is a "but" in my world at the moment . . .the 7 a.m. bell just rang and students began pouring onto the third floor, I'm scheduled to be a monitor and reading for the ESL testing today, and tonight I have grad class from 5 to 9 p.m. Hubby's anti-coagulating factor is still in huge flux and yesterday he had a very bad day -- he could feel his heart racing and got extremely cold and very tired all at once. These episodes are frightening to both of us. He's also lost a lot of weight very quickly and now his clothes are hanging off him and, I admit it, he does look haggard.

But . . . it's always wise to try and see the bright side of things. I had my annual health assessment this week and Hubby's new diet is working well for me, too -- not as well but I'm not on the Lassic -- and I've lost weight. But . . . my blood pressure is on the rise, even with that.

In two weeks we have spring break -- and it will be filled with paper writing for both grad classes. This week one of the classes is giving an on-line mid-term -- 65 questions and some of them are ESSAY.

Updates will remain sparse.


Donna said...

Because my husband has had heart issues, I can really feel for you. I know exactly what it's like.
I hope you don't get the current flu-bug going around; your husband surely does NOT need that!
I had to laugh at people who have dinner at 10 PM at night! They must be real night-owls.

Margaret said...

10 for dinner? Wow--I'm already in bed by then. I'm sorry that hubby is still having issues; it's stressful on everyone. I'm thankful for my friends and their support, as I'm sure you are too! xoxo