Friday, February 18, 2011

Not So Good

Doctor's appointments all this week show we've still got a number of hurdles to jump. The cardiologist is unhappy that Hubby's heart rate is still too high -- he's over 100 and needs to be considerably under that. Hubby has been told to stop the bike riding (stationery) and take up slow walking -- nothing too strenuous until we get things under control. A new medication has been added into the mix of -- I'm losing track -- 12?

The clinic is upset because Hubby's clotting factor, which in the hospital had raised to 4.9 (dangerously high) has now dropped to 1.4 (very dangerously low) and the meds are again being readjusted upward -- much to Hubby's major dislike (this is the med that make him feel sick).

More doctor's appointments all next week. Meanwhile, of course, Hubby is tired all the time. We're taking a lot of naps. Tomorrow night I'm dragging him out to dinner at Crown Center -- a long stroll in the shopping plaza for some exercise and a simple steak and salad dinner (no sodium) at one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. We deserve a treat and a respite from feeling sick.


Donna said...

You certainly do deserve it. I know how upsetting it is to have a spouse under the weather, especially when it's something so potentially serious. When a person has to take so many meds, it's hard to know whether the problems are caused by the illness or by the pills.

Margaret said...

Donna is right--many meds can cause these effects, but he has to get better so he can get off them. A vicious circle. Hope the dinner was fantastic and a break from the stress. Thinking of you, my friends!!xoxo