Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Life on Febuary 1, 2011

This is where I'm spending my time for the next 16 weeks (not blogging, not creating exciting lesson plans) while attempting to finish up six of the nine hours I still need for SPED certification:

Nikita is the only one enjoying the current blizzard going on outside my window right this very moment (he is a young polar bear just moved to the KC Zoo):

This is my favorite movie of the year which Hubby and I actually took the time to see over the weekend (and I only felt extremely guilty that I wasn't home writing one paper or another for the first 30 minutes of the film and then I was totally engrossed):

This is the new technological love of my life -- a gift from my favorite sister-in-law for Christmas (if you don't have one, honestly, you SHOULD):

P.S. The Kindle is the 9.7 inch one -- and so easy to use!

This is the novel I slogged through on the Kindle (among several others) before I started the final to last semester at Pitt State:

P.S. I didn't much like the plot -- it was depressing mostly -- but I read the whole thing which is a grand testimont to Franzen's writing ability because I couldn't put the book down. He does capture 40 something white middle class people very nicely. And if your considering the book, it does have a happy ending.
P.P.S. I also read the newspaper on the Kindle daily. And it has several really nice games.
This is why Hubby is feeling sick and tired nearly all the time:

And this is the medication that we think is causing him the worst of the problems. The good news is that if we ever get the clotting factor right, then this disappears for ever:

Finally, this is the biggest problem right now at my high school (though repeated snow days will make me very unhappy come June when we're still in school making up days):

It's very frightening to see how enraptured our teenagers are with the gang culture -- and how little they value life, theirs or others. And it's very frightening how often this culture is now invading our hallways and clasrooms. We knew it was in the community, but until this year, we had not had to confront it so directly on a daily basis.


Donna said...

My thoughts are with you as you study and as you deal with those kids at school. I saw them talking about that movie on CBS Sunday morning. I thought at the time it looked like a good one.
It really is difficult to get all the meds straightened out, for someone who has to take several different ones.

Margaret said...

I want to see that movie!! People have been raving about it. I'm glad that we have no blizzard and that I'm not required to get my masters. Poor you! :(