Monday, March 14, 2011

Dinner for Breakfast

Since Hubby has been diagnosed with a "failing" heart (congestive heart failure -- what a terrible name!), I've made it my job to "fix" him breakfast every day I'm not working. Always a fruit -- bananas and oranges are his favorite at breakfast time -- a cup of hot tea, a slice of toast (or tw0) and an egg if he's really hungry or I think he needs something warm inside him (after a bad night, say). Now on the days I'm at school by 6:15 (or thereabouts), he's on his own. Then he usually eats Cheerios with a sliced banana.

This being spring break as well as Hubby's birthday week, I've been doing the breakfast chore very dutifully ever morning. But today I got up and couldn't face the egg and toast routine. I did brew the tea but I microwaved the left-over chicken and spaghetti that Hubby had prepared for our Friday dinner from the recipe books he was gifted with for his birthday (all low sodium and low fat recipes). The spaghetti had been utterly delicious but we hadn't gotten around to eating it again since. When I opened the frig door and saw that bowl of leftovers I thought to myself, "Self, that looks quite yummy. Let's have that instead of our regular fare." So we did. And Hubby, who has been picking at breakfast ever since he got sick, lapped up every shell and chicken bit and seemed to be a bit forlorn when I had to admit we had emptied the pot.


Margaret said...

That looks really good and what an interesting breakfast! I've been coddling my guy too; he's not crazy about the reason for it, but is enjoying it anyway.

snugpug said...

I'll tell you how I cheat in turning leftover pasta into breakfast. Put pasta in hot greased pan, leave it to get sort of toasty crisp at the bottom. Pour in beaten egg. There you go, crusty omelette.