Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm soooo smart!

For one of my grad classes I just took a multiple intelligence test. Where I thought I was really smart, seems not so much. I fit all the characteristics of exactly what every "career interest inventory" says I should do in my life for a vocation, and I've never had the talent to pursue. What can you do if your natural talents do not match your desires? All I can say is, I really married my ideal job.

Here are the categories of multiple intelligence:
  • linguistic -- word smart
  • logical -- math smart
  • spatial -- picture/space smart
  • kinesthetic -- body smart
  • musical -- music smart (dah)
  • naturalistic -- nature smart
  • intrapersonal -- self smart
  • interpersonal -- people smart

I thought I would be word smart -- good at reading, memorizing, word games -- in other words, linguistic. Yes, it was one of my second highest ratings (I tied in second place for two intelligences).

But #1 -- I'm musical. There were no qualification about it -- I answered every single musically oriented question positively. I didn't miss one in that category. Here's the musical intelligence review:

A listener to recordings. Talking to oneself. Making up songs. Mentally repeating information to yourself. Reading aloud. Changing tempo.

Yep. That's me. I love tones. I love sounds. I do talk to myself. In fact, when I read the information about the musical intelligence, I was talking loudly to myself: "Yes! That's me! Oh! I do that all the time." And then I heard myself -- and realized, "Oh sh*t! This really is me. And I'm reading this stuff out loud." One of the things I enjoy in my SPED classroom is reading to my kids. I really like it. And though my body has no tempo ability what-s0-ever (I scored zero on kinesthetic) I can change moods, places, chores, in a heart beat. I can flit with the best of 'em.

Every career interest inventory I've ever taken (even when I try to cheat) says I should have been a piano teacher -- or a teacher of music. The people in my life I have most gravitated to were artists, especially musicians. Look at who I married! I've always said, though my life with him has not ever been easy, he was always interesting -- and he could fill my life and my soul with music (you know music doesn't always have to be heard).

Interestingly, I also scored fairly high on the intrapersonal score -- solitary, working alone, setting my own pace, avoiding distractions. I'm as good at that as the linguistic intelligence.

I guess I can use this information to plan my retirement. I'll turn on the CD really loud, play a word game while talking to myself, and be ready for events to change in a flash. Should be a good time . . . as long as Hubby is there to create a little background music.

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Margaret said...

I'm always interested in those tests and how I do! I want to take it too. :)