Sunday, March 06, 2011

Update -- working through it

A friend asked if my tears were the cathartic kind or the depressed kind. I'm not sure. I think they are the "I'm miserably frustrated with my life at the moment" kind. And my mistakes are making the frustration worse -- and often it's my mistakes that are causing the tears.

After making Hubby breakfast this morning, I plopped myself down at the computer and spent six hours working through the midterm. Oh, it's not finished. Not yet. But I've got a handle on it. I just need to ask the speech pathologist a couple of questions and review my answers and I'm ready to "submit." I know I've missed one question completely -- and possibly many more, but the truth is, at this point, I don't much care. I just want a B out of the thing.

While I was dragging my ass through the test, Hubby spent the afternoon cooking. We now have a lovely pork rib roast all seasoned with garlic and non-salt herbs for the week ahead. Even better is a wonderful pan of rice pudding that is so fragrant and creamy that two bowls were called for after a heaping plate of pork. Good food does help one feel more mellow, I must admit.


Margaret said...

You sound better--you've taken action and eaten good food. Those are positive things. I'm so glad that you are working through it all. Life is VERY stressful.

Donna said...

If Hubby felt like cooking, that's a good thing! Spring is coming, that's good for what ails us all. Best I remember, though, youngsters get pretty antsy in spring. So that may come with its own set of problems for you.

snugpug said...

So nice to hear that Hubby is cooking, and that you've had a restful day.