Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sundry Summer Surprises

The basement flooded. Massive rain overwhelmed the gutters and then the windows leaked and rain poured through the foundation. I found the entire dryer covered in water. The basement floor had an inch of water on it. The water has evaporated now but everything smells moldy.

The Lincoln broke down with me in it -- and no phone. I had made a quick run to the grocery and only had my wallet with me -- driver's license and debit card. The grocery let me call Hubby who sounded highly annoyed and told me to just sit in the car for 30 minutes before trying to start it again. We knew we were having sensor problems but thought they were all fixed. It was 95 degrees in the parking lot and I was sitting in the sun. Thirty minutes went by. The car would not start. My underwear got damp from sweat. Another 30 minutes went by. Now my outer clothes were sweat logged. The car still would not start. Twenty minutes went by and I was considering whether I was going to break down in tears when Hubby and the mechanic showed up, loaded the groceries and me in the mechanics truck and took me home. Hubby never looked so good!

Hubby had the old van repaired so the air conditioning in it would run. He also had it detailed at the same time. The van is so much nicer now that the years of smoker residue has been removed (previous owner). However, the van was still at the mechanics when the Lincoln quit on me yesterday. We have it back now, so things are much brighter on the car front. Plus, the mechanic thinks he has a fix for the Lincoln.

Little Gus and Crazy Luie had their wellness exams and cost us a fortune at the vet. Luie is fine. Gus continues to gain weight and gets inordinate amounts of tarter on his teeth. Today we had them cleaned and he lost yet another molar. Plus, because he's still gaining weight after being on a diet for a year, he's now had a complete blood panel drawn to check his thyroid. We spend nearly a $1000 on vet bills in the last seven days. The vet will be sure to have her vacation this year.

I downloaded Microsoft LIVE on the advice of Microsoft. It blew out Outlook Mail. After a chat with Earthlink I found that lots of people are having problems with LIVE. So I uninstalled it -- and voila! problem fixed.

My instructor for my July grad class e-mailed out the first assignment -- five chapters to be read before the first class in a $110 text book. I ordered the book from Amazon and got the international edition that was only to be sold in Asia from a second distributor. The book came today and the print is so small I may need a magnifying class to read it.

Also I found the syllabus for the course on-line. It's going to be a very long, trying July.


Donna said...

We've spent around $1,000 on dogs in the past couple of months: A lot of that was spent trying to save Sadie, who died anyhow... but she was worth the effort. And then of course there was the fee at Wayside Waifs for Iris. Then her kennel cough turned to pneumonia and THAT cost a bundle. But you know what? They're worth it.

Margaret said...

These are NOT good surprises; it's time for stuff to start going well!! You deserve less stress and more relaxation, my friend. <3