Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Burgers at the Bar

Hubby and I don't go to bars. We don't drink and we don't watch sports events in huge crowds. So bars are just loud, crowded spots where people get loaded and act in ways they normally wouldn't.

Consequently, we have missed a dining sport in our immediate neighborhood that is quite a treat. At little more than five minutes from our house is a sports bar that serves some of the best burgers in town and on Monday nights, they lower the price to a rock bottom $3 for any one of the their speciality burgers and fries. The burgers are served just right, with loads of toppings, and cooked to order. The fries are thick and tasty. The 5:30 to 7:30 crowd on Monday nights is family oriented, there to mainly to eat and savor the tasty beers that can be a nice accompaniment to the meal.

Last night we met our concert-going friends at Charlie Hoopers in Brookside, Kansas City, for the $3 burger specials, the diet cokes and ice teas (and one interesting beer served with an orange slice). We filled ourselves up with the bacon, pepper jack, grilled onions topped burgers and discussed the concerts we wanted to attend in the fall. We sat around and talked for an hour after dinner, while the wait staff keep supplying us with pitchers full of iced diet and tea. Then we ordered dessert -- only two on the menu, cherry cheese cake and Snickers' pie. The Snickers' pie was so good it was better than a real Snickers' bar.

We ran into old neighborhood friends we hadn't seen in years. We talked for two hours. And we had a grand old time. We plan on going back often.


(M)ary said...

I miss having a neighborhood bar! When I lived in Michigan sometimes it would be fun to watch sports and eat dinner at a bar, especially during playoff season. If you get the right place it is more of a family pub atmosphere which is lovely,

Margaret said...

That's a great deal on the burgers! I enjoy going to a bar once in a while(maybe once every six months or so) just to people watch. :) I know all about the beer with the orange slice; it was a Blue Moon or Belgian white which is a type of wheat beer. I drink Hefeweisen, which is also wheat ale, but served with a lemon slice. There you have your first beer lesson of the month! HA HA