Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday is Laundry Day

My lord, you'd think I have a houseful of kids all under 10 -- not just two old foggy adults at retirement age. Once again, I'm trying to slay the laundry dragon.

I have a wonderful washer that holds super-sized loads (thank you, Hubby) and a very functioning dryer -- but they are both down 15 steep steps, in a basement that has become a dumping ground for old furniture, seasonal clothing. and craft supplies that should be thrown away. Neither Hubby nor I clean the basement anymore. Instead, twice (or once) a year, Hubby brings in his crew of workers and supervises their cleaning. In honesty, they only do a fair job -- but it's better than no job at all. So going into the basement is rather like facing up to a responsibility that I should shoulder but have no intention of doing (my heirs can take on the job) and I end up feeling guilty. Plus the stairs are deep and narrow and hurt my knees and back -- and carrying laundry up and down wears me out -- without having done a lick of laundry itself.

Once, when Hubby's knees were much better than they are now, he volunteered to do the wash. Except his idea was to put everything in one load and wash it all on hot. He did sort colors, kind of, so things did not come out all pink, but he wouldn't sort by delicates. So he shrunk all the nice tee-shirts and fine cottons. He also didn't think you had to remove things from the dryer for two to three weeks so everything got hideously wrinkled. He was quickly banned from laundry duty. Now his knees are so bad that he really can't navigate the stairs unless we have an emergency in the basement (leaking pipes, water heater pour water, drying not functioning, etc.).

Consequently, I have multiple excuses for not doing laundry. Still, in my heart I know that owning my own washer and dryer is a huge luxury and I should man-up to the chore and do it a lot more often.

Today, my first day of real summer vacation, in consequence of me not doing any laundry in May, is washer-woman day. Hubby hasn't a pair of shorts left and has resorted to wearing long pants -- something he is not complaining about, but I know that his summer costume is only shorts and sport shirts. Yesterday, a very hot 90 degrees, he was in long pants with a long sleeved shirt and I knew that I finally had to face up to the piles of laundry. Thankfully, we both have enough underwear to go six weeks or more without worrying.

I hate the sorting process. It requires me to bend over the huge piles of laundry stacked up in our bedroom, drag it to the bed, and stuff it into the laundry bags. Then those heavy bags have to be dragged down the steep, narrow stairs (I can't carry them) and resorted into the washer. Even worse is the drying process of folding, hanging, and turning things right-side out. Finally everything has to be dragged back up those steep, narrow stairs.

If I ever find that fairy godmother, the first thing (okay, one of the top 10 things ) I'm asking for is a laundry room on the same floor as the bedroom. I can only imagine how sweet that would be! But then what would be my excuse for not doing this "dirty" chore?


Margaret said...

I don't blame you for putting off the chore!! I don't even want to tell you how easy it is for me to do laundry. You would be jealous. My SIL has her washer/dryer on the second floor which would be pretty nifty.

snugpug said...

More than a year ago, the Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams invited readers to design an ultimate house (he was at the time building his own home). And came up with:

Based on your comments, I put the laundry room near the center of the action part of the house, so you can watch the kids and prepare meals without traveling to laundry Siberia and back. I even designed a rolltop window in the laundry room where you can do the ironing while facing out to the big screen TV. Noise wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you soundproofed the walls and only opened the rolltop window when others weren’t around. I retained the closets that open to bedrooms and to the laundry room. This house makes doing laundry almost fun. (And realistically, the person who does the laundry usually decides what house you live in.)

My own personal favourite was the idea to have a Christmas tree on wheels and a tiny closet off the living room which just fits the tree. The idea was that after Christmas was over, you just wheel the tree into the closet and wheel it out again a year later. No need to dress and undress it and untangle the fairy lights.