Saturday, June 05, 2010

Starting Summer

The final day of the district workshop ended after only 3 hours -- more with a whimper than a bang. We were to list all the resources available to the high school English teachers in the district -- and that was such a short list that we all went home right before lunch.

Finally I got the feeling of freedom and release. I now have three delicious weeks before grad summer school starts. Three weeks of going to bed at 3 a.m. and getting up at 11. My internal clock is thrilled.

However, today I trudged out at 6:30, took a bath, got dressed and Hubby and I went garage saling for a brief period before it got too hot. We never left our neighborhood, but I did find a couple of cute things to give as sock gifts to the Houston crew over Christmas.

While Hubby computed, I did a bit of grocery shopping for things I want to eat this summer -- cereal (Grape Nuts, Rice Krispies). Then I started cleaning a very wee corner of the bedroom.

I also finished the second of the Stieg Larsson Millennium series. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was absolutely riveting. The Girl Who Played With Fire was not quite as good, but that's rather like saying "this is a honking big perfect diamond, just not the Hope diamond." The two books are simply so good you can't put them down once you start reading. I am chomping to get the third in the series, but it's not yet out in paperback and I'm reluctant to pay for a hardback that I will have trouble holding (carpel tunnel makes reading paperbacks almost required for me).

I understand that Larsson left a draft of the 4th book on his computer but his family and girlfriend are fighting over who has rights to the book. And there are also outlines for book 5 & 6. I'm really sorry that he died so unexpectedly (and young) before we (the readers) could find out what was planned for the future of Mikael and Lisbeth.

It's going to be a short summer -- for those outside education who believe we (teachers and students) actually get three months off, it's certainly not true. Plus, remember, teachers are only paid for 10 months of the year -- NOT twelve. But we do need time to recharge our batteries and feed our souls and take care of family matters. I dread thinking what a 12-month school year will actually look like. I know it's coming, though, and sooner, rather than later. Still, THIS summer, I'm going to enjoy myself for the next three weeks, and like Scarlett O'Hara let tomorrow take care of itself.


Donna said...

I surely thought teachers got three months off. Who knew? My husband gets more time off from his factory job than you do, and he gets paid for twelve months.

Margaret said...

Yay for summer, when it ever comes!! I have read the Tattoo and the Fire and much preferred the Fire, but they were both excellent. (as you said) I have the Hornet, but haven't read it yet since I have library books ahead of it. I've heard it's also great; however, it's a good idea to reread the last part of Hornet to refresh the characters. Unfortunately, I can't since it was a library book. Enjoy being a night owl! :)