Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The cold, the snow, the ice, the wind, the wind-chill-index -- downers.

Today my best (and one of my favorite) students was arrested. Why? He attacked another student. Walked up and hit him in the face. The other kid deserved it, honestly. Everyone agreed. So the other kid got a 10 day suspension and a B hearing -- which means he's potentially facing expulsion from school. My kid, because he struck the blow, only got a five day suspension.

Until. My kid's mother showed up. Walked out of the school with her boy. Sat in her car with her kid. They waited until the other kid and his mother left the building, bolted from their car, and the mothers jumped each other. On the school grounds, right outside the front door windows with the student body watching.

When security showed up, my kid and his mother ran to their car and peeled off -- but five blocks later the cops caught up with them and everyone was arrested.

The temperature outside was 15 degrees. The skies were cloudy, overcast, and gray.

My kid, the one I've invested 12 months rescuing, is in jail -- with his mom. He won't be back this year at our school.

The skies got darker. The weather got colder. We need some springtime. Soon.

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