Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hanging On

Thank goodness Monday was a holiday from school, but on Tuesday I had to figure out how to pack my poor self off to the classroom.

The good news:
1. For an entire workday on Tuesday I managed to smile and tell everyone I was feeling "so much better."
2. During the eight days I was out not one of "my kids" (those on my caseload) got suspended; one came close but her mother came up and visited the school and made promises.
3. My classroom was in really good shape when I came back -- nothing was out of place or missing.
4. My kids were thrilled to have me back.
5. Food tastes awful, I can't eat, and so much be losing some weight.

The bad news:
1. By Wednesday I could no longer keep up the "I'm feeling so much better" facade, and just went back to moaning periodically and looking pathetic.
2. By Wednesday the stomach problems had returned full bore -- and the bathroom doors, down a double long concrete hallway were locked on a periodic basis
3. The temperature hovers at 10 degrees with a -20 degree wind chill index; the power in the school went off over night so the school was unheated this morning.
4. Over half the staff has this congestion / stomach malady.
5. Food tastes awful, I can't eat, and so taking medication is a bitch.

Things have got to improve pretty quickly. I can't keep keeping on at this rate . . .

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