Wednesday, February 06, 2008


We sound like frogs, we feel like crap, our throats are raw. I have no idea how to spell "epizoodie" -- but it's an old-fashioned word that means you have whatever current bug / cold is making the rounds. When I Googled the word, the search engine thought I meant "episode." Well, we are having an episode of the epizoodie in our household.

Darn the luck, it happened on a snow day from school. Or maybe that's a blessing, because Hubby and I holed up in the bed and slept away the morning, brewed some hot tea and ate some left over meatloaf, and then slept away the afternoon.

Awake, we'd moan at each other, shove a dog away from the foot of the bed, and pull the covers up over our chests, trying to get warm and comfortable at the same time. At least after 35 years together, we don't bite each other's heads off when we feel poorly. But this recovery is solitary business, even if we are sharing the same bed space.

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snugpug said...

Hope you and Hubby get better soon, and that the boys are looking after you.