Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Hair -- it is cut

5/1/14 -- following hair cut
No more excuses for not leaving the house.  I went and got the shorn head at 11:30.  Razor cut on the sides, scissor snipped to an inch or less on the top. I got my favorite beautician at Fantastic Sam's -- I will take anybody who is free but I have one person I prefer but will never ask for Ruthie because, with this cut, anybody will do.  However Ruthie invented the cut for me, though it's gotten shorter over the years.  Anyway, I walked in and she just laughed.  Out loud.  Because the hair was standing straight up all over my head and I couldn't control even the razor cut sides. 

During my first iteration teaching (from 1968 until 1990) I went to an actual "beauty shop" once a week.  I was pernamented every three months.  My hair was dyed once the gray showed up.  I got a weekly manicure.  When I quit teaching in KCMO and opened my own business I forgave the weekly appointments and grew my hair long.  Well, as long as it would grow.  I wore it "bun-like" on the middle of the back of my head, often with a colorful bow, ribbon, clip.

Teaching in fall, 1978 -- regular weekly beauty shop appointments kept the hair perfect
Clearly I'm the one in blue, third from left -- and the hair was past shoulder length
When I turned 50 I opted to get a really nice, expensive cut at a chic salon.  Mr. Chris cut my hair into a stylish "do."  Within a week I was back asking him to fix the $150 cut he had designed.  He was "insulted."

That's when I found Fantastic Sam's.  They had a woman who would re-cut my hair so I could maintain it -- and she would permanent it until I actually had body AND curl.  Then I started going semi-regularly, about every four to six months -- for a re-do.

2006 -- notice I'm still denying the gray
 After I retired I finally thought I could get the hair short enough to live without the permanent.  It's been a tough adjustment for me -- but I have found that getting out of bed, tossing a wet comb through the weird mop on my head, and heading out the door has distinct advantages.  True, I'm not "cute" looking -- but few nearly 68 year old women are, so the trade off for ease and comfort has advantages.

Having a new hair cut always puts a little energy into my step and I feel better about myself, if only because now I'm "even" on both sides of my head (you have no idea how annoyed I feel when I look in a mirror and one side of my hair looks puffier / flatter / curlier / longer / shorter than the other).

Now I think I'll take a nap.  It's really chilly outside, the sky is gray and cloudy, and periodically some rain drips from the sky.  At least I've been outside once today.  The TV reruns and DVR are calling my name. 


Margaret said...

Yay for nice hair cuts and feeling more social! I am trying to wear my hair a little longer and it can be a pain in the butt. I'm used to 5 minutes blow drying it! We used to have Fantastic Sams here; I always used to go there, but now they are all Hair Masters.

snugpug said...

Looking good!