Thursday, May 08, 2014

A diet JUST for me

For 41 years I've mostly cooked what Hubby enjoyed eatingt.  We ate a lot of pasta and tomato based dishes.  We ate pork and red meat.  We had the fruit he enjoyed -- apples, pears, oranges, melon.  That's not to say I didn't like them, also -- I did.  I was very happy with our diet -- and the things I really loved, like seafood, I mostly ate when we dined out.

This alternative / integrative therapy I'm undertaking suggest I eat four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit daily, with a minimum of meat and a lot of fish.  Since Hubby has been sick and eating has become a problem for him, I've really not been eating his "type" of food anyway.  A bowl of mashed potatoes is really not my cup of tea for dinner, so I've been dinning on things that cooked quickly and with a minimum of effort for me.  Hot dogs had rather become my staple which caused me to think this new diet regime (for me) might be a good thing.

Hubby agreed to make his fruit salad for us -- I already had the melon cut.  When I was out lunching with the retired teachers group from my old high school, he cut up the apples and oranges and added them.  The only problem for me is, he sugars his creation.  He does use sugar substitute but the salad is decidedly sweet and though everyone devours it at Christmas when he makes it, I usually don't partake.  But a small bowl now that I'm required to eat four servings a day seems possible.  I purchased some bananas and strawberries to supplement the sweet salad.

Today I'm steaming broccoli and asparagus, both of which I actually do like but Hubby won't touch.  I even have a small package of haricots verts to steam in the microwave (I've always had canned green beans, never the fancy French variety).  

It was fun shopping just for me.  Hubby had plenty of rice and the veggies in the pantry so I didn't need to feel guilty.  Now if I can only feel more "healthy" and actually sleep at night.  So far, since the acupuncture and massage, I'm batting zero on the improving sleeping thing.   


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Margaret said...

No help on the sleeping thing? :( I love that you used the expression haricots verts in your post.(so French!) I need more info on what this diet is supposed to do to help you sleep. I didn't realize that had much to do with diet. Hope that you are feeling better! xoxo