Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New blood work -- new results

In March my GP prescribed a set of blood tests that showed some concern for my kidneys and a possibility that I was on the edge of diabetes.  I wasn't worried about the diabetes because I'd sort of cheated and had a small glass of orange juice the morning of the test -- it wasn't much juice and I drank it about two hours before the test because I didn't realize I was going in for blood work -- but it probably made the blood sugar reading just a little high,.  The idea that I was in a pretty advanced stage of kidney failure scared me, though.  Nobody wants to submit to dialysis in their old age.

When the Integrative Therapy clinic wanted more blood tests, frankly I was sort of relieved.  I could make sure this test was clean and the readings would be accurate.  Friday's results were much more pleasing -- no sign of diabetes at all and the kidney levels were all within normal range.  Hugh sigh of relief. 

The only problem that could be treated with meds was the vitamin D deficiency.  Rickets, anyone?  The only folks I ever heard of who had such a problem were the old time sailors without fresh food on their long voyages.  Seems I'm really lacking in D -- enough so that a very high dose has been prescribed from the pharmacy -- so high that it can only be taken once a week, instead of those paltry over the counter 1000 unit pills swallowed daily.  I'm also to take melatonin but only 1 mg at bedtime and B-complex once a day.  These I've ordered on-line because the price is so much cheaper. 

I love the massage that has been prescribed.  It's wonderful to have someone touch you so intimately and with such assurance -- and only want you to relax and feel good after.  I think I actually did feel better last week.  Certainly my mood improved just a little every day.  After the acupuncture and massage on Monday and Tuesday, a friend treated me to a pedicure with all the works and it was heavenly, too.  By the weekend I was really encouraged but then Sunday night / Monday morning I lay in bed, not sleeping, getting angrier and angrier that Hubby insisted on having the TV on, even though I couldn't find a way to sleep through it.  The whole day Monday I was just pissed off and way too tired. 

(Maybe I was just pissed that nobody was paying me any attention over the weekend -- like I'd gotten all the previous week.  I'm quite capable of admitting that having folks focus on MY health for a change might have had a mood elevating affect)

We did water aerobics and I had a massage Monday afternoon and all that began to de-stress me out of my bad mood.  Last night I slept pretty well (for me -- I got up and read a magazine at 2 a.m. but by 3:30 I was back asleep). 

Then today I got the good news that my kidneys were not at stage 3 of renal failure and my creatinine levels were good, however I still needed to back off on the arthritis meds to ensure they stayed in normal range.  My blood sugars were perfect (as they always should be).

I actually have been eating more fruits and veggies -- today's lunch was a green salad with a huge stalk of broccoli.  And some cheese crackers -- because I'm not dieting, I'm just eating BETTER. 

I see the Integrative Therapy doctor next Monday for another round of treatment.  I'm honestly  looking forward to it.  Then mid-June I go back to the GP to assess my progress.  Hopefully, things will continue to improve -- and I will not come down with rickets. 

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Margaret said...

So glad the test results were better!! I've had to take the weekly D pill--a little blue gel one? Of course I do live in the Lack of Sunshine state, although right now the weather is amazing.