Monday, May 26, 2014

Kim and Kayne Got Married

The nuptials between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was really all the world seemed to acknowledge this Memorial Day weekend but in our little part of the world we had a quiet birthday / remembrance celebration by staying at home.

We picked up barbecue from Gates ("Hi, May I help you?") late Sunday morning -- just before the rush hit the restaurant; they always have a crowd on the summer picnic holidays.  It was beef and a half sandwiches for us both with fries for Hubby and potato salad for me.  The sandwiches were big enough to feed two starving Schnauzers and two adults for both Sunday dinner and supper. 

Hubby offered either fried chicken from Stroud's or steak and baked potato from Jess and Jim's in Martin City for a more formal celebration, but I just wasn't feeling it (the new vitamins are sort of playing havoic with my digestive track).  Dinner at home without underwear sounded so sweet so we went for it.

Hubby had gotten me a small chocolate cake from the fancy Swiss bakery just up from the Plaza, Andres, and a box of their handmade chocolates.  We completed our lazy Sunday afternoon bathed in a chocolate glow. 

I got the small box - the big one costs a fortune!
Hubby happily watched Cannon, the Love Boat, and Rockford Files on ME TV (he's become hooked on any shows from the 1960's and '70's) and I read my Kindle.  We didn't have a jet set party but we did have a nice, quiet celebration at home. 

how to party withOUT your underwear!

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Margaret said...

It sounds perfect! That chocolate cake looks amazing. Happy belated birthday to you! Glad it included good food, good company and good health. xoxo