Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Waiting Around

Recovery from surgery is a slow business.  One day Hubby is feeling pretty good so he tries to do a little something (or other) and the next day he's down for the count.  Tomorrow we meet with his cardiac surgeon to see how we are progressing.

Also, tomorrow the boys will go to the groomer for they are looking a lot like wooly bears.  With Schnauzers if you keep them groomed every four to six weeks they look pretty sleek and their beards and eye brows give then a regal air (even the ladies).  If, however, as we did over December, you miss a grooming appointment, they begin to look a bit shaggy, then slightly golden instead of silver and gray, and their hair becomes all curly, unruly, and not very cute.  I think even they will be glad to lose some shaggy coat come tomorrow morning. 

This is what a gray Schnauzer will look like ungroomed -- her name is Holly and she was rescued just before being put to sleep because no one at the shelter realized they had a pure bred Schnauzer -- with an uncropped tail; Schnauzers are usually picked up from shelters by Schnauzer rescue groups -- as was Holly, eventually
Water aerobics is going well.  My friend Debby joined me last week and liked it well enough to think she might join the Rehab / Exercise center at Research.  On Sunday I wandered over for the 3:30 class and the water was down right cold.  Even the hot tub was just tepid.  Tuesday night, however, the water temp was up a couple of degrees and things were more comfortable.

This morning Hubby felt good enough to bounce (okay, drag) out of bed with me at dog-walking time (we delayed in bed until 8:30).  We drove over to the park where Luie, Gus, and I had a long and very chilly walk around the pine trees and over the frosty ground.  A lot of peeing and pooping ensued, all good for the constitution of two small Schnauzers.  Then, after listening to me moan hungrily over every IHOP commercial on the SciFi channel (Lou, I passed on your recommendation to Hubby and he has been watching ever since, though Face-Off last night I found rather dull), Hubby drove us over to IHOP for an unending stack of yummy pancakes, as well as some delicious scrambled eggs. 

Why I was so hungry last evening I'm not sure, unless water aerobics created some kind of huge cavern in my belly.  Maybe it was simply the exercise and the cold weather combined.  Regardless, I shouldn't have felt so starved since at noon I had met "The Ladies Who Lunch" (now that we are retired) at one of the area's finest sea food restaurants.  I had consumed lobster bisque, cheddar biscuits steaming from the oven, the best lobster mac and cheese ever, and a pretty average lobster roll, as well as downed two glasses of diet soda -- all at one sitting. 

Today we are two weeks from Hubby's surgery and we hope that tomorrow some of his restrictions will be lifted (like no driving, no bathing, no lifting of his arms).  Slowly life is resuming its more normal routine.  


Donna said...

I'm waiting to see how he does, hoping for the best!

Margaret said...

Doing anything in the water makes me ravenous!! I'm glad that Will is starting to do some steps. Hope that he continues to gain strength. xoxo