Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting the C-pap Machine

Hubby's sleep apnea C-pap machine was delivered this morning -- all $2500 worth.  I can get an old used car for less -- and Hubby would probably sleep as happily in that as he will with this.  But he is trying.

Thankfully, insurance pays for 80% of the machine but we forked up a substantial up-front fee and then $50 a month for the next 12 months -- I'm not exactly sure what for but those were the requirements.  I tried to get a straight answer out of the young guy delivering the machine, but finally he admitted he just wasn't that into the insurance requirements and I could call later and find out more. 

Hubby had spent the morning trying to clear a spot in the bedroom for the machine.  He has huge piles of "crap" all around his side of the bed -- there are tools, dog treats, pills, books, magazines, more books, more magazines, packages of batteries (which he also has in the big desk in the computer room), bottles of cologne, containers of pens and pencils, all kinds of cutting equipment (nail scissors, regular scissors, knifes), and more tools.  He has filled an entire bedside 4-drawer cabinet, a TV tray, and now he needs a second TV tray for the C-pap equipment.  He also has a huge oxygen machine / tank he keeps "just in case he feels congested."

Our bedroom is very small.  It has a queen-sized bed and all Hubby's "crap" and now, to make room for the C-pap machine and second table he has completed boxed in the entrance to my closet. So besides paying for the machine for the next 12 months, it also appears I'm going to be walking around in the same clothes I've got on right this minute.  I can still get to my dresser so I'll have clean underwear, but no longer can I get to my outer clothes or my shoes.

This whole experience is going to be a riot.   

Hubby will not have a mask that covers his face; instead the machine fits snugly into his nostrils; he actually took a nap with it after the tech left and seemed to find the machine fairly comfortable. 
This is the RedMed Swift FX C-pap machine that was delivered -- the cord is for the humidifier; it makes some noise but it's not impossible to sleep when it's on. 


Donna said...

I hope it works wonders for him.

Margaret said...

That machine looks way better than the old ones; he'll be able to adjust to it. How will you adjust to wearing the same clothes all the time though? ;)