Friday, January 11, 2013


Some days you simply have nothing cogent to say.  It's a good day but there is nothing really special about it, just a day where things are running smoothly and our outlooks are upbeat.  It's a bullet list kind of day, where you have nothing to rant about and no special agenda to fulfill.

  • There is steak soup filling the crockpot to overflowing so further cooking is unnecessary. It's a good soup, full of real steak, potatoes, veggies, and a rich broth.  It should feed us for a couple of days. 
  •  The sun is shining and the weather is nearly as warm as a cold Houston day --  in the 60's -- we're supposed to set a record.
  • The doggies have had a long and successful walk in the park. Gussie is lame again -- he has these strange bouts where his back legs give him a bit of pain and he hobbles around whimpering.  He's being fed aspirin on a regular basis.  We've had x-rays but the diagnosis is always very indefinite and at some point we decided to treat the pain instead of the cause, which was a whole heap cheaper on the wallet. 
  • Hubby's incision is healing nicely even though he's still feeling a lot fragile. He has at least another week to go before he can be out and about. 
  • My friend Debby and I went to water aerobics last night and had a fine workout.  Then we enjoyed the hot tub for 6 minutes which is all the sitting around either of us could tolerate.   The pool temperature was 86 and the hot tub was 102 degrees.
  • I'm reading the newest P.D. James novel, Death Comes to Pemberly, and though I'm enjoying it, it's not earth shatteringly wonderful. 
  • For Christmas sister-in-law Wendy gave me a $100 gift card to Amazon and I've pre-ordered two novels:  a Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware mystery and Jacqueline Winspear's newest in the Maisie Dobbs series.  Both don't come out for at least a month, darn it, but I'm excited about their arrivals. 
  • I currently seem to be spending a lot of time on Face Book -- I've found it rather addictive to know what people are doing "real" time.  It's also interesting to evaluate posts -- some people seem to put their whole lives out there for folks to read about while others only "share" information that others have written / reposted.  I'm not sure where I fit -- I'm probably more a lurker than a poster.  
  • At 1:45 this afternoon we have a follow up visit with the pulmonary specialist, though we actually have nothing to report since Hubby refused to wear any of the sleep apnea masks.  I imagine we'll be dismissed from his routine appointments after this follow-up visit. 

It's a really quiet life at the moment and that's a good thing.  

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Margaret said...

James needs to get back to writing about Dagliesh--love that series! However, she is my Dad's age(about 84) and may not be writing any more books. :( I agree with you about Pemberly though, not her best effort. I too am a FB addict, but when I really want to write/vent/feel better, I always use my blog.