Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The title of this entry is deceptive -- we actually are chilling here in the heartland, not relaxing in comfort.  It is cold.  Like wind-chilling, bone-chilling, teeth-chilling cold.  The heavy dog walking coat, the fleece sweat shirt, the wool scarf, the pull-down-over-your-ears cap, and the fleece mittens have been called into play.  Still, out there in the park with the wind-chill at less than six degrees, I'm cold.

 We went to the movies on Saturday; Hubby's first real outing since the installation of the pace-maker.  He did fine but needed a nap on arriving home.  We saw Silver Linings Playbook and, though both of us enjoyed it, neither of us thought it was a better movie than Argo or Lincoln.  Honestly, I can't imagine a better movie than Lincoln  -- a movie that is both inspiration and realistic about the tribulations of politics.

 Monday we spend watching the inaugural activities and enjoying the political commentary, especially the live coverage by ABC on computer.  The balls were well-covered by CNN and C-Span.  I loved how perfectly dressed the Obama daughters were but I was less than thrilled by Michelle's outfits.  Seems to me the new hairstyle (with bangs) is an attempt to look a lot like Kerry Washington.  Neither the belted coat and matching dress with the stiletto heeled boots or the red ball gown caused me to gasp with delight, but then I didn't like the white gown from four years ago either.  At least this one was one she could actually dance in without having to move around a huge train dragging after her. No matter that I find her clothing choices less than stellar, I find the woman herself to be completely inspirational -- and the family unit she has created an example for the world to follow.

Kerry Washington

I lifted up a canister from the kitchen counter last night and a very ugly cockroach ran down the cabinet and escaped before I could react fast enough to kill it.  Today I'm scrubbing and rearranging in the kitchen.  Cockroaches are just about the most disgusting insects ever.  I know that having dog food sitting around probably draws them, but it's been a long time since I've seen one in the house.  Once we've got the scrubbing done, Hubby will bomb the house while we go out for a couple of hours. 

 Tomorrow Hubby is meeting with the C-Pap people and will try to be fitted with a device he can tolerate.  It will be interesting to see what they bring out to him.  Neither of us realized that these machines are built in with hefty monthly fees -- it's just like an on-going prescription.  We're piling up some incredible medical bills around here and this is still only January, but a look at the calendar for February shows us pretty clear of medical appointments.  It will be good to take a break from doctoring for a while.

Stay warm if you live in the mid-west.  February is just around the corner -- and then March which is almost considered a spring month!

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Margaret said...

I'm sorry for complaining about our 20s and 30s and fog! (so depressing) I loved Michelle's outfits and her new look; she is stunning! I do like the belted coat better than the red dress.