Friday, November 23, 2012

Leftovers and Beginnings

I started the morning at 7:20 dog walking and man! was it cold!  I wore the dog walking coat -- heavy with elastic sleeves, hood, zipped lining, huge pockets -- and a hat and gloves but I still had to pull the hood up over the hat because the wind was blowing so hard I couldn't keep the hat on.  The dogs started out all frisky and happy but even they were glad to get out of the wind by the time we'd covered the park.

Home and fixed Cheerios with bananas and hot tea for Hubby but he really wasn't able to eat.  In fact he looked sort of "green" but continued to deny anything was wrong.  Most of the cereal went in the garbage. 

The Research Center for Integrative Therapy where we do exercising and water aerobics was only open until noon but they had scheduled a water aerobics class for 10:30 so Hubby agreed to go practice his PT while I took the class.

It was heaven for me -- not so much for him.  He was sitting in the waiting room after 10 minutes of exercise.  The pool water had been heated up about 10 degrees from Tuesday and it was absolutely perfect.  About 10 more people were in the class than had been there Tuesday but the exercising felt wonderful.  Everybody who got in the pool went "Ahhhhh" as soon as they hit the warm water.  I was so jazzed by the whole experience that I wasn't even cold when I came back outside into the chill air.

From this --
-- to this

Back home Hubby requested a plate of candied sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and gravy and a little cranberry sauce.  It was pretty clear the throat was bothering him and swallowing was proving difficult.  I had a lovely turkey sandwich while the boys ate the turkey neck and finished off the second turkey leg.  Pretty soon it will be time for a slice of pie, apple for Hubby and French Silk for me.   

I did do some online shopping today but we never left the house except to around the corner and down the block to the Research Baptist Campus.  I checked out swim shoes on EBay but couldn't tell if I'd like them so I went to Google and found a pair for $13 with only $5 for mailing so I bought them in black and pink.  Then I checked out swim suits -- mine is over 20 years old. Macy's wanted $164 for a suit in my size -- a plain black suit.  Wow!  But after doing a Google search I found that J.C. Penney's had then in my size on a Black Friday price with free mailing -- $35 and no cents.  They were even decent looking -- for bathing suits.  So I got an entire swimming outfit for under $55 and felt like I'd scored big time.  Hopefully this little shopping spree will continue urge me onward in my water exercising. 

Hubby is back in bed, feeling rather blah and I'm doing clothes and pots and pan washing from yesterday.  The football games are on the telly and the Kindle is being recharged because Amazon delivered a new book for me to read.  Luie is snuggled up with his papa while Gus is passed out from pain meds -- his teeth have begun acting up again (no matter how hard to tried to keep the infection away).  The only black spot on our horizon is that Gussie is scheduled for several extractions come Tuesday and after our last experience where he coded on the table, we are just a little bit worried. 

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