Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Physical

On my bucket list for things to do once I retired was joining the Research Hospital Brookside Campus gym.  Hubby calls it a spa.  Either way, it's a cool place with a fabulous pool for both swimming AND walking.  Even better, the pool is always heated to 84 degrees -- which makes it almost as good as bath water (not quite, but nearly).

When Hubby was prescribed physical therapy at the Brookside Campus, I went with him for the evaluation and a tour of the facility -- and though I had heard of the wonders of this pool, in person it was even better than I supposed.  And the real selling point (besides the warm waters) was the price:  $29 a month OR $290 for a year.  And the second membership came in at $250 a year.  How could we pass that up?  We joined immediately. 

It took me two weeks to work up enough courage to go to my first water aerobics class (all the classes offered by the center are FREE!!!!!).  I had read the descriptions of the water classes and I picked the one that looked the least energetic (no swimming required, feet are kept on the pool floor at all times) and daunting. 

Hubby refused to attend with me, of course (no water touches his delicate skin).  And the class was pretty informal -- it just kind of started with no big announcement and I had to ask if this was actually aerobics class and what should I do to participate. 

Only one man was participating.  Most of ladies seemed to be five to ten years older than me, one was maybe ten years younger, and one young thing kind of participated in the far lane but mostly did her own thing, running up and down the swim lanes. 

The pool has no deep end.  The bottom is all tile (unlike the YMCA's around here which have concrete bottoms) so it wasn't too hard on my feet, though I will need to get swim shoes. 

From the beginning exercise, walking with my knees and toes pointed out, pumping my arms, I found I was having trouble keeping up.  The knees don't like bending outward.  The jogging left me breathless.  By the time we were doing overland ski slides, I was exhausted -- and those old ladies just kept on moving. 

Our instructor was big enough to be a combination of Hubby AND me -- and she never let up.  The class was ONLY 45 minutes -- and I didn't make it.  I lasted 40 minutes before the knees, screaming said, "Quit or die!" So I shame-facedly climbed out of that pool and took my shower and went home. 

But I sure intend on going back.  This is exactly what I need.  No, it's not a diet plan.  It's an exercise regime in warm gentle waters which will help me build strength and stamina.  Next up -- I'm going to try chair yoga.  But Friday morning at 10:30 I'm going back for water aerobics.  My knees are demanding a rematch. 

The only thing that would make all this better is if I had someone going with me.  It's easier to motivate yourself into leaving home in a bathing suit (oh! the indignity!) if you know you have someone waiting for you. 


snugpug said...

Chair yoga sounds promising. I do regular -- tell me more about the chair version when you do it.

Glad you're sticking with the water aerobics. Go, you!

Margaret said...

I'm like Hubby--I don't like the water much! I prefer to run or do things outside. :)