Thursday, November 01, 2012


We are home from the hospital and Hubby is better, if not cured.  It is so good just to have him around and being his own cantankerous self. 

Cooking is problematic, of course, because no salt and then no leafy greens and then no sugar -- and he's a major picky eater.  But we have a shelf of Penzy spices for substitution and I made a very small meatloaf which he enjoyed -- just onions, bread, eggs, Penzy's.  Then we have a huge vat of homemade tuna salad chilling -- and he's been very happy with tuna sandwiches.  Plus I crock-potted a lovely roast (which he can't really eat because of the larynx problems -- he can't swallow it very well) with lots of small potatoes and carrots -- and then made gravy from the juices.  So adding the gravy to his potatoes and over his meatloaf (no salt in the gravy, I promise -- and all the fat was skimmed away), he's been eating pretty well and even getting his fresh veggies in what with the carrots.

He's still pretty congested but nothing like it was all last week.  He manages to sleep a little better at night and didn't even have to sit up for part of the night last night.  Lou, our dear friend, lent him a pillow wedge which has helped keep him propped up at night.  His heart is still racing, his larynx is still not moving, he still has a lot of throat congestion - but he's coping.  Which means, of course, that I am back to coping, also.  

Nothing makes my heart sing or the dogs more energetic than having Papa home. 


Donna said...

The two of you (or should I say the four of you, counting the doggies) will be in my thoughts. I'm glad he's home.

Margaret said...

So glad to hear that he's home!! It sounds like you are making sure that he eats well. Hope you're taking good care of yourself too. Much love!

snugpug said...

So glad he's home. Now to start mending. You take care too.