Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watching the Convention

A lot of people that I know have tuned out politics this month claiming it's just too vindictive and evil spirited.  Frankly, I'm highly entertained by all the politicking going on in Florida this week and then in Charlotte for the Democrats.

I listened to the speeches last night and contrary to the pundits who hated it, I found that Chris Christie's speech was exciting and well done.  I wish he were a Democrat.  He's got fire! 

Then very contrary to all the news media today, I was turned off my Ann Romney's speech.  She just seemed whimpy to me.  Maybe my main problem was:  do we honestly think this woman looks 63 years old, has had five children, suffered from cancer and now has MS?  Honestly?

It takes a heap of money to be as well maintained as this woman is.

Now compare her to Hilary Clinton who is only one year older.

Do you honestly think that genetics makes this much difference?

I know this is superficical -- but to be that well cared for says to me, this woman and her family simply don't relate to my life and how I've lived it.

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Margaret said...

Heaps of money! She does look good though. I would get angry watching the RNC and don't need any more stress in my life, so I'm passing. My Libertarian husband likes Christie.