Thursday, August 09, 2012

Shedding a Little Light on the Matter

Our computer room is small -- very, very small.  I doubt we could get more than a double bed in here if we used it as a bedroom.  Bunk beds might be more appropriate.  However we have filled it with a huge desk, a built-in bookcase that is mammoth, two metal shelving units in turquoise, a huge wooden 1930's file cabinet painted in multiple primary colors, and two smaller bookcases that anchor a room-length clothes rod. 

When we bought the house in 1973 we painted over the ugly 1950's green wallpaper -- and turned the walls white.  Neutral, right?  Except I HATE white walls.  I know why we painted it white -- the actual color is called cashmere beige -- but actually it's kind of a creamy white.  Hubby, who owned a handyman business, had tons of the stuff on hand because he painted move-out apartments for a reality company.  Both bedrooms got painted with the stuff -- and I've NEVER, EVER liked it. 

Sometime in the early 1980's (or maybe late 1970's, I can't remember) Hubby installed huge ceiling fans in both bedrooms and the dining room.  They never worked.  They were just way too big for the space, they weren't properly balanced, etc. 

We have since removed the dining room fan.  The two in the bedrooms had working lights, just the fan parts weren't successful.  Both fans required 4 100 watt bulbs -- or 4 60 watt bulbs.  No matter what Hubby put in, the light was always too bright.  So we settled on one 100 watt bulb for both fans.  In the bedroom, I hated where the light reflected on the TV.  In the computer room, it was simply too dark for good reading.  I struggled through my master's courses with a long neck lamp, the dim fan light, and a lighted magnifying glass -- with my bifocals pushed up on the top of my head when I had to read something out of a book.

Hubby decided, as we were madly discarding papers and books from the computer room, that it was finally time for a new fan / light -- one that actually worked in the ceiling and would give off enough light to read by.

Tonight he had it installed.  Ah!  The wonder of a cooling breeze and the joy of enough light to actually read the recipe books I'm culling. 

Even better, Hubby chose a mult-colored fan that matched my sense of stye.  I think the fan was probably designed for a kid's room -- but I love it.  Isn't this cute? 

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Margaret said...

Very cheery colors!! I know that it's easier to put up with stuff than it is to redo or change anything. That's why we have 16 year old paint in most of our house and also mostly original carpet. Ugh.