Thursday, August 23, 2012


Siding is up.  New windows are installed.  Foundation is repaired and if we ever see rain again, the basement does not leak.  Guttering is replaced.  Overgrown trees and bushes are cut down in  both front and back yards.  

New mattress and box springs have been delivered and the 15 year old mattress and 25 year old box springs have been removed from the premises.  The old mattress was prefect in the middle -- but both sides had been worn into deep cavities.  The dogs sleep in the middle.  The humans slept in the sloping sides.  Now everyone is on an equal flat, firm, and pillowy surface.  All the pillows have been replaced with fresh, non-allergenic ones. 

New plumbing has been installed in the tub so we now have a functioning shower.  We once again have flowing water in the house -- which was shut off for two days for water pipe replacements. Bathroom has been completely taken apart to facilitate plumbing work which was actually pretty dog-gone messy.  Linen closet had to have all shelving removed to get into the tub.  Now everything is cleaned and put back in place -- including all the sheets and towels in the linen closet. 

The air conditioner which has had heavy usage because of our hot, dry summer has been re-furbished, both outside and in.  The cool was getting less cool as the summer went on, but now we're back to lovely inside temperatures.  The new fan / light in the computer room is also  bringing a cooling breeze to the back of the house. 

New DVR from Dish Network was installed this morning -- along with wireless internet connection.  We had the Hopper installed -- a DVR that records 6 channels at once and allows one to skip commercials. 

It's time for a rest.  Cleaning is still on the agenda -- only the bathroom has been cleaned to the bone.  But most of the repair work is down - for the time being. 


snugpug said...

Wow, that's a lot done. Now to enjoy it all. :)

Donna said...

I am impressed.

Margaret said...

Before and after pictures? It sounds like a huge transformation! Wow.