Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun Things to Help You Waste Your Time on the Web

A couple of links for fun:

If you are a fan of Downton Abby -- and if you remember and loved paper dolls from your childhood (I always liked them better than real dolls) -- you can get a fix before next season here at Vulture.  I downloaded my set of 4 paper dolls to use as background on the computer (plus I admit I saved a copy just in case someday I actually want to play paper dolls again). 

Then, on Facebook this picture popped up -- and since the dogs get to spend Christmas with a cat, this one made me laugh out-loud.  Wolfie, who lost some control toward the end, would really have appreciated it. 

I loved the article about the Olympians who rescued pets, especially the story about Michael Phelps.  I had always seen him as kind of arrogant, but then I read about his dogs.  Changed my whole cheering structure for the swim meets. 

I adored the interview with Henrik Rummel about his penis.  He managed to make the whole controversy so funny.  The other Olympic controversies were not nearly as good.  I was glad to see that the althetes managed to keep it all in perspective though.  Read the Rummel interview-- it will crack you up.

The Gabby Douglas hair controversy shows just how ignorant we can still be.  She seemed to handle it okay but I was frustrated for her -- her hair was neat and clean, nothing wrong with it at all.   

Then there is this lovely photo about a man who helps his 19 year old rescued German Shepherd find some comfort every night.  This one will bring tears to your eyes.  It's just a lovely story.   This is a copyrighted photo.

 Finally, if you're as sick of summer as we are here in the heartland, check out this little video of winter scenes.  The music is lovely, too. 


Donna said...

I didn't watch the Olympics, and this is the first I have seen or read about the boner. Hey, looks like the guy is hung pretty good, especially if it isn't a boner!

Margaret said...

I loved that interview;he was SO good! As for Gabby, as the mom of a former gymnast, I can tell you that messy ponytails were THE STYLE. People are dumb.