Friday, May 04, 2012

Thankful for Friday

It is finally May and it is Friday.  I am grateful.  First, I'm grateful that this is my last month before retirement.  I am exhausted.  No amount of sleep right now seems to be enough.  I come home from school and I fall into bed.  Hubby may or may not wake me for dinner.  Usually around 7 p.m. I wake up for a bit. Then I'm asleep again until 1 or 2 a.m. -- and it usually takes an hour of reading to put me back to sleep until 4:30, when we turn on the TV and try to find the energy to start the day.

I am grateful this is Friday, the end of the first week of May.  I have two days ahead in which I don't have to get up by 5 a.m. and try to function.  I have two days to get the washing completed and the toilet scrubbed.  I have time to grocery shop in the daylight.

I am grateful at the end of this week that Hubby is NOT having heart problems and that he has enough serious pain meds to see him through this incredibly painful bout of knee / leg / back problems.  He has tried a walker but found he hated it. After spending $90 to purchase one and then trying to use it for 24 hours, he has relegated it to the coat closet. He has tried acupuncture which at least made him sleep most of Thursday.  He has been massaged and adjusted by his chiropractor.  Nothing has helped yet but the doctor warned we had at least two weeks of misery ahead.  If you ask him how his knee is doing, he replies, "It's fine."  If you ask if the pain is getting better than where it was on Monday, he admits, "No, it's the same."

I am grateful that the dogs are cooperating with me while I walk them.  Hubby has resumed most of the walking chores, though -- and I doubly grateful for that.  I still have to do all the cooking and carrying and cleaning -- but at least one chore which must be done early in the morning and late at night is no longer mine alone.

I am grateful to my advisory class which made a delightful card for Hubby once they learned he had paid a visit to the ER on Monday morning.  Every kid wrote him a note -- and though one freshman simply wrote, "I like cheese" and signed his name, the others all sent him best wishes for good heath, told him how much they enjoyed his cooking when he sent treats and what they liked best (his spaghetti) and how much they appreciated having me as their teacher.  We were both incredibly touched.

I am grateful that I have a wonderful student who has been my teacher's aid this last semester.  She has made my life much easier, running errands and organizing my final departure from the building.  I don't know what I'd do without her help -- except reach a point of exhaustion that might be deadly.  Today she helped me find all the books that I had checked out from the SPED library and that had to be returned before I could "officially" retire.  They are now boxed and ready to be sent back to the central office.  You have no idea how grateful I am that this chore is completed. 

The school announced their retirement celebration -- only four of us are leaving my building -- to the district and to our staff -- it is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 9th.  I'm NOT going.  I hate that type of thing.  I can't imagine having to sit before the faculty and have people talk about me -- people who really know next to nothing about me at all.  I did have the decency to tell them I wouldn't go -- and the stunned looks on people's faces were hilarious.  "Oh, no, not really.  Really?  REALLY?  But we want to honor you!"  Yeah, right -- honor me by giving me a day off -- not by having a party AFTER school which people have to attend on their own time.  That's just nuts. But I'm grateful that I actually have the option of not attending -- and that the party can cheerfully go on without me. 

I am grateful that only three more weeks of early mornings and collaborative teaching are in my future.  I am grateful I had the six years here at this beautiful school -- and now I'm grateful as all heck to be leaving.  I'm very grateful that I actually have this option of real retirement ahead of me.  If the money and our health will only hold out . . .


Donna said...

Those walkers do leave something to be desired. It's a shame you had to purchase one, when a lot of people (like me) who have had knee surgery have them sitting around in the garage because they only needed them for a little while.

Margaret said...

I love that you can retire! I don't know that I'll ever be able to. :( What lovely notes. You've done SO much for your students! I admire both Hubby and you for making their lives more special.